Our Vision

Our vision for BE Wellness Retreat is to gather and create our own ”Be Tribe”, a community of like-minded women or sisterhood. Just like the honey bees who work together to keep their hive healthy and make sure everything works smoothly, our Be Tribe Community will strive to support each other, create an environment that allows for sharing, connecting, and creating space for your inward personal journey to occur, while embracing the local culture and community to thrive! 

Retreat Hosts


Jenny Lind

Yoga Therapist/C-IAYT


Bethann McIntosh



Berkleigh Diaz

200YT & Happiness Coach

Jenny Lind, Yoga Therapist/C-IAYT

Jenny is a Yoga Therapist and Lifestyle Advisor.Her approach is to blend the therapeutic, physiological, and energetic benefits of conscious connected breathwork that support total health and spiritual well-being. Jenny's mission is to share how with you.  She is forever learning and currently in a year and half breathwork program and will be training in England this fall.


In 2009, Jenny experienced a panic attack and was the breaking point for seeking ways to create a healthy relationship with one's self. This experience led her to a therapist who told her, simply, "you need to breathe".   This led her on an incredible, life changing journey with meditation and yoga, reiki, breathwork, and has inspired me to teach others. Jenny has enjoyed working with some of the greatest teachers all over the world and through my journey was able to create sustainable habits of breathwork and meditation, as well as mantras which transformed her attitude towards work and relationships into contentment, abundance, and joy.

Jenny is forever learning and enhancing her practice. She is currently in a year and half breathwork program and will be training in England this fall.


·        1000 Hour Certified Yoga Therapist- -C-IAYT -YogaLife Institute

·        50HR Yin Yoga Certified- Kristen Butera, C-IAYT

·        YACEP, Continuing education provider for Yoga Alliance

·        Body Mindful Yoga-Dr. Jennifer Kreatsoulas

·        Yoga for Trauma & Anxiety-Erin Byron, Psychotherapist, C-IAYT

·        Myofascial Meridians -Tom Myers

·        Neuroimmunology, Neurodynamics-Tiffany Cruishank-YogaMedicine

·        Yoga for Nutrition

·        Yoga for Spine and Cardiac Care

·        Yoga for Aging & Women's Health


Bethann McIntosh, CGRMS

Bethann worked in the medical field for many years as an Utrasoud Technologist before becoming a grief recovery specialist in 2019.

After losing her parents and husband by the age of 37, Bethann knew she wanted to dedicate time to working with grievers.  

As a Grief Recovery Specialist, she teaches the tools to be able to clear the path without forgetting the happy memories.  

Grief Recovery is a transformational, evidence based, action oriented program.

Bethann's clients work thrugh a range of  loss, from loss of a job to loss of a child, and everything in between.


Berkleigh Diaz, 200YT & Happiness Coach

Berkleigh found Yoga in her early twenties after realizing her day to day was being impacted by overwhelming stress and anxiety. 


As a young mom she struggled with finding balance in life.  Always needing to be the best mom & wife, while trying to also be the best friend and employee, while also trying to remmeber who she was before kids.  It created a storm of emotions which lef to a panick attack , in which she never wanted to experience again.

Berkleigh began practicing Yoga to manage stress and emotions and will admit was skeptical going in.  But, Yoga undoubtedly changed her life in all the right ways.

Taking lessons learned on the mat and applying them to day to day she found balance, contentment, self awareness, self love, and joy.

Berkleigh believes in Yoga as a lifestyle, not just a 60 min. physical practice.  Her love for the Yoga lifestyle continues to influence how she interacts with the community.

She became a Certified Children's Yoga Instructor to help children, like her daughter, who struggle with anxiety, and then furthered her education.  She continues to educate herself in areas of Yoga, Mindfulness, and personal growth.  As a "Be.Wellness Retreats" host her mission is to offer you tiny tricks and education that can be used on the daily to invite more happiness & joy into each attendees life.


Certified Kidding Around Yoga Instructor


Certified Earth Based Educator

Aerial Yoga Instructor

Certfied Happiness Coach